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     Fly fishing grew tremendously in the 1980's and the San Juan became the ideal river to fly fish.  Large and abundant trout along with consistent insect activity made a great recipe for awesome fishing days .  As the San Juan became known to fly fishermen across the world, many accomplished fishermen came to enjoy its beauty. 

As Abe's grew, the needs of  sportsmen continued including a Motel, Grocery store, RV park, Fishing Guide services, Boat Storage, Restaurant and Lounge .  Their business prospered and became a popular family business.  Each of their children, Randy, Nadine & Timothy working in the fishing business.

     Over 30 years ago, Tim Chavez, Abe & Patsy's youngest son, & his wife, Andrea, started Born "N" Raised Guide Service, Inc.  providing guided wading and float trips on the fabulous San Juan River.  This was no surprise with Tim growing up in an outdoor paradise & loving  stream and field activities on the San Juan.    Having spent most of his life enjoying the outdoor pleasures of the San Juan Tim became a highly skilled fly fisherman. 

    In 1994, the Orvis Company asked Tim to write an article regarding his upbringing in relation to his guide service--it was published in their newsletter & is a great way to share his love for the San Juan River. 

Abe Chavez first fished the San Juan River at the age of 8 years old.  He and his cousins had many fishing adventures on the San Juan.  Abe's memories include fishing trips with his dad,

Abie Chavez AKA:"Farmington Flash", bantam weight champ of the

1930's.  Thus began the family fishing AND boxing 'addiction'. 

Abe always loved the San Juan River & even recalls building nice campfires that would soon be paired with a big black skillet for dinner: "no fish, no eat"; but that was when the river was home to warm water species.   

     All this took place before the San Juan became a fantastic cold water fishery--truly a trout mecca; but

Abe continued to hold the river and many family memories close to his heart.  

     Abe and Patsy moved to Navajo Dam & started their business in 1958 before the dam was  built and dedicated in 1962.  They each have deep family roots in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado with family histories dating back several hundred years.  The young couple provided services to the dam construction workers and later to fishermen and sportsmen visiting the San Juan.  Once the dam was completed in 1962 the San Juan River became  one of the finest trout fishing resources in the country. 

     Rainbow and Brown trout were stocked in the San Juan following the construction of the dam.  The low water temperatures, typically low 40's near the dam, clear water and abundant trout food sources made the San Juan River into a fabulous fishery.   During the 1960's it became clear that the San Juan would be a very special place  therefore, the State of New Mexico set aside about 3.5 miles of river immediately below the dam as "Quality Water".  Today this is the Special Trout Water section in the NM Fishing Proclamation.

 circa  1966

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