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Texas Hole San Juan River Fishing
01-04-11-2015 San Juan Panorama 2 DW
San Juan River Guide Service
San Juan River - Fly Fishing
San Juan River Fly Fishing
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San Juan River, NM

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Jay's Fishing Report

Jay Walden San Juan Fishing Report

Newest book by

Jay Walden

Burning Down the Barn

    In Burning Down the Barn, Walden's mixture of fiction and non-fiction blur the lines of a man's imagination and true reflections of his past, the two genres becoming more inseparable with time. Heartfelt and occasionally gritty, this book gives an insightful look at how memories of love, joy, and sadness, become the significant stories that shape our lives.

Jay's Other Books

Jay's books can be purchased at our fly shop or on 

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